About us

MMRDA was set up on the 26th January, 1975 under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority Act, 1974 by the Government of Maharashtra as an apex body for planning and co-ordination of development activities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region comprising of Mumbai and its influence area.

Its activities are:

  • Development planning for the region
  • Provision of regional infrastructure
  • Promotion of growth centres
  • Provision and Development of Financial centers
  • Development coordination for the region

The MMRDA prepares plans; formulates policies and programs; implements projects and helps in directing investments in the Region. In particular, it conceives, promotes and monitors the key projects for developing new growth centers and brings about improvement in sectors like transport, housing, water supply and environment in the Region.

eTendering Project

Government of Maharashtra has issued a Government Resolution (GR) dated 6th August 2010, mandating the implementation of eTendering solution for processing of tenders above the value of Rs. 50 lakhs the same has been revised to 10 Lakhs on 16th January, 2013 . Accordingly, MMRDA has decided to implement the eTendering solution which will provide the following benefits:

  • Contractors would benefit from a fair, open and secure tendering process.
  • The process of eTendering is not dependent on physical presence of bidder it enables the contractors to bid from anywhere Office, home etc.
  • Information on all the tenders is available to the contractors as well as to MMRDA divisions at one place.